Our remarketing solutions are a clever way to get the most out of your website viewers. Though before we delve into our remarketing solutions and services it might make some sense to explain what remarketing actually is.

Remarketing Solutions

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a way of targeting ads to web users who have visited your site in the past. This works by placing a snippet of code on your site that drops an anonymous cookie on to the visitor’s browser. Using this cookie, we can specifically target and show ads to these same visitors on certain websites across the internet. Hence “remarketing” – we only market to those who have already shown interest in your company or organization.

Similar to our Facebook advertising strategy, we can handle everything from Day 1. The only thing we would need from you is the approval of any ads we create.

Why Use Remarketing Solutions?

There are several reasons to give remarketing a shot.

  1. Superior Conversion Rate – Remarketing solutions have shown to drive more conversions than other advertising methods. This makes sense, because your entire remarketing audience had an intent to buy, sign up, or reach out at some point in the past. They’ve shown interest in your brand and because of this they are the perfect audience! They are familiar with your brand and they’ve taken it upon themselves to visit your website – it’s just up to us to help them take that final step. Whether this step is getting a user to checkout on your ecommerce site or to just pick up the phone and call your organization, the idea is the same. We give them a friendly reminder that they never did finish that checkout or fill out that form, and we entice them to pick up where they left off.
  2. Overall Brand Awareness – You should always look to increase your brand awareness when possible, and remarketing does just that. If a consumer can recognize your product or company by the branding alone, then they will likely be more comfortable with choosing your company or organization over another. The better your brand awareness, the more central your brand will be in the decision-making process as potential clients will be able to distinguish you among the competition. By including remarketing solutions in your business strategy, you will continually grow your brand awareness with a core group of potential clients. This will result in many of these potential clients becoming actual clients.
  3. Increased Return on Investment – Because remarketing solutions are so effective, it’s only natural that your ROI will increase. To put it simply, remarketing gets you the best bang for your buck. In a dollar-to-dollar comparison with all things equal, remarketing ads are bound to outperform the majority of normal digital ads. You don’t have to take our word for it, check out these remarketing case studies and see for yourself.
  4. Perfectly Compliments Other Advertising Campaigns – Our remarketing solutions can be used in tandem with other advertising campaigns you may be running. Here is a great example: You are running a Google Display Ad campaign targeted at new people who have never heard of your company or organization. These people come to your site, and subsequently get added to your remarketing audience. Later, when these new viewers are surfing the web, your remarketing ads will be shown to them and remind them of the original reason they visited your website! Remarketing solutions and classic advertising combined for the ultimate conversion double whammy.

Ok, I’m interested. Now what?

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Whether it’s for a company or an organization, including remarketing solutions as part of your marketing process will undoubtedly benefit your brand and overall business strategy.