One Tool For Growth

Tracking leads from their first interaction with your website sounds complicated.

Especially if you have multiple platforms and integrations linking them all. How can you know which email turned them from prospect to buyer? How can you filter each email address for the specific messages you want them to receive?

Start with success and efficiency through the DTD HubSpot Partner Onboarding Process.

The HubSpot Partner
Onboarding Process

Use What You Already Have

You’ll already have buyer personas and key messaging points from the DTD messaging exercise to start building templates and email promotion. Then the DTD team inputs all those content pieces during the HubSpot Partner Onboarding process to organize your leads and sales.

Set Up & Trainings

Don’t worry about learning a new platform alone. After our HubSpot Partner Onboarding process, all your information will be ready to go. You’ll actually be able to use the tool you signed up for, while tracking your return on investment right away.

Ongoing Strategy

With HubSpot up and running, you can turn to DTD for expert marketing consulting and find new ways to market your company. Whether you need ideas for your weekly email letter or a lead-generating download, DTD supports you with everything digital marketing.

Why HubSpot?

At DTD, we offer marketing strategies that work regardless of the platform you use, but HubSpot is a single, streamlined tool for turning strangers into evangelists. While the marketing component of the tool may be all you need, the option to consolidate marketing, sales, customer service, and operations into one platform sets it apart from the rest.

hubspot partner onboarding layers on a laptop

Keep Customer Data in One Place

Email Marketing

Many companies have an external email marketing tool, but after we connect your email marketing to lead tracking, you’ll be able to give that client the exact message they need to hear in order to contact you.

CRM Tools

Not only does this tool handle all your marketing, but it becomes a robust CRM tool: your sales team will have email templates, call tracking, contact profiles, meeting schedulers, sales reporting, a mobile app, and more to make their lives easier.

Landing Pages

With pre-designed landing page templates, you can quickly test new marketing ideas to grow your email list or share a new download. Then, you’ll be able to track when customers joined, and which pages were most effective.

Social Media Management

After we setup your online presence, you can use HubSpot to streamline scheduling your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media posts to keep your profiles current, then easily monitor analytics for ROI.