Customer Success At David Taylor Digital Means Entering Into A Partnership That Empowers Your Digital Marketing Efforts To Reach New Heights.

Keep our team in your back pocket for all things strategy and marketing. By opting into our Customer Success plan you can ensure your website remains protected from malicious hacking attempts and vulnerabilities caused by out-of-date software. Not only do we keep your website safe and secure, we become a bold advocate for your website’s health and overall marketing strategy.

Once per quarter, we’ll sit down with you to help plan for your marketing future. During these meetings, we discuss your specific marketing goals and make sure we walk away with a concrete plan to achieve them. By utilizing tools like our Keyword Report and Website Health Audit, we’ll hone in on proven digital tactics that will bolster your company’s growth.

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Website Hosting

David Taylor Digital provides the environment for your website to remain alive and well. Not only do we host your site, we also ensure its compatibility with WordPress and any associated plugin software the site uses. Additionally, hosting with us grants us access to the site should any issues arrive, or in the event we need to perform maintenance. This feature includes unlimited bandwidth and up to 5gb of storage space.

Website Backups

We automatically perform a daily database & website backup as well as weekly file backups.

Hacking Monitoring & Protection

  • Our security system will check your website code for any malicious malware or hacking attempts every twelve (12) hours.
  • If your website should become hacked, we will repair it at no additional cost to you.

SSL Certificate

Included in our fees is set up and one year of an SSL Certificate. This certificate renews at $150/year ongoing. (Savings of $375)

Monthly WordPress & Plugin Software Maintenance

As part of our monthly maintenance, we update WordPress and any associated plug-in software with the latest available version. Plug-ins are small pieces of prewritten code that run a specific function on your site (e.g. a contact form). Since these regularly update, staying on top of your site’s plugins is an essential part of keeping your website functioning properly and will help safeguard your site from hacking attempts.

Quarterly Check-Ins

Partnering with David Taylor Digital helps you plan for the future. Once per quarter, your David Taylor Digital Customer Success Manager will meet with your team for an hour to report on your website health and search engine optimization. By utilizing tools like our Keyword Report and Website Health Audit, we consult with you to find avenues of growth for next quarter’s strategy.

1-Hour Of Technical Support

One (1) hour of technical support (at a preferred rate*) that can be used for:

  • Answering general questions about your website.
  • Making changes on your behalf such as adding/changing text, videos, and images.
  • All requests are charged in 15-minute increments.

Important Notes

One (1) hour of technical support (at a preferred rate*) that can be used for:

  • *Customer Success + Technical Support plan provides a $900 savings annually based on standard hourly rate.
  • Any work performed beyond one hour per month will be billed at our full hourly rate of $175/hr.
  • These hours do not carry over to the next month if they go unused.