How much is your marketing to-do list costing you?

Maybe you know how to optimize your website, but you don’t have time.

You know you need an email list, but it’s just one more thing to do.

You need to start tracking your website visitor stats, but analytics platforms are so confusing.

With Our Digital Strategy Services,
You’ll Dominate Your Market And:

Learn where you stand

See your current website data and start checking things off that to-do list as we offer best practices for the industry.

Streamline your efforts

With one tool, you can streamline email marketing, social media scheduling, and even sales data.

See the stats

Prove the ROI of your marketing with data analysis and testing to guide advertising and messaging.

View Our Case Studies

The Corporate Presence - Featured Image
View Case Study: The Corporate Presence

The Corporate Presence

When The Corporate Presence met DTD, their website kept them awake at night. They had an excellent reputation with over 40 years in business, and the website did not reflect their best work.

Hygrade Precision Technologies - Tile
View Case Study: Hygrade Precision Technologies

Hygrade Precision Technologies

David Taylor Digital re-designed and re-developed their entire website with simplicity and navigation in mind. This included changes to both the front-end and back-end of the website.

View Case Study: Everlasting Valve Company

Everlasting Valve Company

In 2018, Everlasting Valve found David Taylor Digital while performing a web search for our services.

Bushwick Metals - Tile
View Case Study: Bushwick Metals

Bushwick Metals

Bushwick Metals came to David Taylor Digital looking for a marketing strategy to grow their online reach and gain new customers.

Petro Packaging - Tile
View Case Study: Petro Packaging

Petro Packaging

Petro Packaging was in search of a marketing agency to develop a strategy on multiple fronts.

Glass Flooring Systems - Tile
View Case Study: Glass Flooring Systems

Glass Flooring Systems

David Taylor Digital re-designed and re-developed their entire website with simplicity and navigation in mind. This included changes to both the front-end and back-end of the new website.

You know you could market more.
Let’s get to work right away:

Tell us your to-do list

Start with everything from your immediate problems to your big dreams for your online business.

Start checking off tasks

Our developers get to work right away resolving immediate issues.

Ongoing strategy

Throughout the year, we continue to partner with you on strategy to drive traffic month after month.

At DTD, we know you want your company to dominate your market and the search results in your industry,

but first you need digital strategy services with a clear plan for progress. But you already have too many things on your to-do list: between your old, not-so-mobile-friendly website, email marketing, social media, and an ever-changing Google algorithm (how Google decides to rank websites), you’re overwhelmed and frustrated.

We believe your online presence should drive sales, and marketing should be simple but data driven. We understand you can’t be an expert in every area, which is why we become your bolt-on marketing team with digital strategy services to tackle that to-do list.

And we watch customers succeed again and again with our simple three-step strategy for success: we develop your custom plan, establish a strong digital presence, and create ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns to drive business.

So, schedule a call to get to know us. Until then, request your free website health report.

Get ready to eliminate marketing overwhelm and start conquering your to-do list.