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Bushwick Metals came to David Taylor Digital looking for a marketing strategy to grow their online reach and gain new customers. They knew they needed a new website to represent the development and expansion of their business, so we immediately kicked off the strategy with our messaging exercise and Keyword Research & Analysis process.

Bushwick Metals Responsive View


Bushwick Metal’s website was outdated and did not fully communicate the extent of their capabilities as a steel distributor. At the time of partnering with David Taylor Digital, Bushwick had consistently lost keyword rankings for over two years. This translated to lost leads and slow business growth.


We used our messaging exercise to drive website design and UX, communicating the full range of Bushwick Metal’s supplies and services to new users. We optimized their entire site for organic search engine results and kicked off an ongoing paid SEO campaign to rebuild their rankings on Google. Within three months both keywords and traffic saw considerable increases. In six months, traffic was up 662%.


96% Increase in Keywords in 6 months

Organic Users

+10% in 1 month
+24% in 3 months
+267% in 5 months

The first month: 811 users
The sixth month: 6180 users


After clarifying their messaging and running strategic campaigns, Bushwick Metals saw growth within a few months. Your website shouldn’t be a passive extension of your brand. With the right tools and a custom strategy, your website can work for you to bring in new leads at all hours of the day.

Bushwick Metals - Monitor View