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Are you expanding your marketing efforts?

Are you trying to run your business and DIY your marketing?

Maybe you need to add another marketing person to the team? But should you hire an expert in one area? Or a generalist?

Don’t expect one person to be an expert in everything:
Work with a team of experts in every marketing area.

I’ve worked with David and his team on a number of different projects over the last few years — from book trailers to websites — and the project is always delivered on time and always exceeds expectations. They follow direction, have great ideas, and produce high quality work project after project. I would highly recommend working with David Taylor Digital!

Caitlin Sweeny, Digital Marketing Manager

If you know you need to make a change in your marketing, but you’re not sure where to start, you need digital consulting.

Learn how to measure your results, implement tactics, and optimize your efforts without hiring an entire in-house marketing department.

Measure your success with
digital consulting from DTD

Assess Marketing Needs

With digital consulting from DTD, you’ll learn the best tools to reach your target market and the messaging to attract them to your product.

Evaluate Existing Campaigns

As your digital consulting team, we’ll evaluate your campaigns and graphics to see where pieces can be improved or edited to reach new and better leads.

Your Resource for Growth

With DTD as your bolt-on marketing team, you eliminate the hassle of hiring and training new employees by working with a team of experts in every marketing area.

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You want results from your marketing campaigns, and you think you need a marketing department. Or do you just need one marketing team member? Or maybe you just need to watch a course on search optimization? That’s the problem. You don’t know where to start.

So why should you hire a marketing team member, when you can have an entire expert team working for you instead? We have industry experts who get started with you right away.

We start by assessing your current marketing efforts, running our analytics, and offering insights to grow your business further. With digital consulting from DTD, you can be confident you’re running measurable marketing campaigns to grow your business.

So call us today to stop guessing and start measuring your success.

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