Marketing doesn’t need to be a guessing game.

You don’t need to wonder what search terms your prospects are using or if your Google ads make a difference.

Start answering your prospects’ questions before they ask them:

Our digital data analysis experts will show you all the stats to guide strategy and move your business forward.

Working with the team at David Taylor Digital was a great experience (and continues to be!) Their service is outstanding. They are professional, creative and smart. They listen to your needs, offer ideas, and listen more. In the end, you are given the best product for YOUR business. Nothing cookie cutter about DTD! When our website was complete, the great service didn’t stop there. They are always available to answer any questions I have or give me any help that I need. I couldn’t recommend David Taylor Digital more highly.

Deb Yohannan EANJ

Get data-driven digital marketing campaigns, test new messaging, and make changes based on results!

Keyword Research & Analysis

We start with keyword research and analysis to see where you stand against the competition in organic search results. Then, we’ll suggest the best keywords to target and jumpstart your rise in rankings. As we add more optimized content to your site, we’ll analyze the results to make sure your growth is on target.

Google Analytics & Reporting

With Google Analytics, you learn more than the basics about your website (which pages each visitor clicked on). You’ll see demographics, how long they stayed on the page, what they clicked on, how they flow through the website, which pages are the most popular and so much more. With our reporting, you can know your website is attracting exactly the clients you need.

Ongoing Strategy & Metrics

Throughout your partnership with DTD, we’ll provide digital data analysis every month to ensure you get a great return on investment. Your marketing needs to stay current and shift with changes in the industry, so these monthly meetings ensure you’re keeping up.

Conversion Optimization

Test the words and graphics to learn which ones draw in your clients. With Conversion Optimization tools, we can tell you which button received more clicks, which paragraphs kept the reader interested, and exactly where on the page they decided to click “Contact.” With this information, you can change what doesn’t work and keep using what does work.

How do we do it?

Keyword Research

Testing & Optimization

Watch it Grow!

How does digital data
analysis support growth?

Guide future content

With digital data analysis for every area of your online presence, you’ll know what content to create for the best result from your customers. You’ll see what searches led them to your website and what internal searches came up empty. Start answering questions before they ask them.

Learn demographics

Is your client actually who you think it is? Maybe the person who calls you or makes the final decision is not the person finding you online. With a digital data analysis of your online demographics, you can
provide content designed to speak to the person visiting your website.

Add services

With a continual update of the keywords in your industry, you might find new services to grow your business. This digital data analysis of your website and advertising shows you what services people look for when they find you and if you’re meeting their expectations.

Improve and grow

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure” applies to your marketing efforts. While print advertising will always be a tool for businesses, the true ROI cannot be measured. With digital data analysis, you can start measuring and improving right away.