Don’t let your ideal clients forget about you.

Maybe they found your website while researching suppliers or service providers, but they’ve moved on to the next one and may never think about your company again.

With social media advertising campaigns, you’ll remind them of your company while they’re browsing the platforms they use every day.

You don’t need to post daily to see results

Increase in traffic
Increase in form fills

Facebook & Instagram

While posting daily on Facebook and Instagram may not be the best fit for your business, you can still reach the customers on those platforms through a paid social media strategy. With our social media advertising services, you’ll utilize great photos and videos to draw your target customers to your website and offerings.

Data Analysis

The best part of the DTD social media advertising services is the robust data analysis and reports we prepare. You’ll know that the ads are working, and we can change things as needed. We keep testing and learning month after month to bring you the best results.

LinkedIn marketing

Professionals consistently use LinkedIn as their social media of choice during the workday. With opportunities to target the specific job position and industry you’re reaching, LinkedIn can become an essential tool to drive leads to your website and remind them of your product. And LinkedIn is ideal for promoting your company to future employees.


Branding is critical in our social media advertising services, and we take a holistic approach to your profiles. While you may not be posting regularly, your profiles should line up with your website branding, so clients know they’re in the right place when they tap through.

Updated Profiles

Keep your profiles on-brand with cohesive profiles on all platforms.

Research & Analysis

We keep the process data-driven and show you results at every meeting.

Ongoing Success

We keep testing and tweaking so your ads always get results.

Social Media Advertising
Services for Every Industry

You may think your company doesn’t have a place on social media but paid social
media advertising services offer a different answer than simply posting every day
to an Instagram account.

Why are you using social media?

Are you looking to build brand awareness? Increase engagement? Or promote a new service? Each platform can meet a different goal, and DTD social media advertising solutions will create a plan to meet your goals.

Build Authority in your Industry

LinkedIn gives the opportunity for you to repost relevant articles and share client success stories to a professional audience. DTD will handle the paid advertising side, and our strategy sessions will give you content ideas as you engage with your market in new ways.

Utilize A/B Testing

During our monthly check-ins, you might learn of a new technique you want to try in your social media advertising. We can run two ads with either different messaging or different images and see which one performs better, so you discover the best ways to reach your clients.