You want to get in front of your customers now, everywhere they’re looking, but organic website improvements can take time. You could end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars with a paid advertising platform on a campaign that doesn’t even reach your true prospects…

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC campaigns are an essential element of our SEM services. Just like the phrase states, the advertiser pays for each click on the ad based on keywords. With our expert keyword analysis, you’ll know how much each click will cost before you run the campaign along with the likelihood of success.

The more popular the keyword, the more each search engine charges per click, and you still may not get the top result. Our team will guide you to ensure you get great results at a great price for each PPC campaign.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting ensures your clients don’t forget you after they leave your website. Once a person visits your website, they’re retargeted to see ads from you long afterwards on other websites and on social media. Our SEM services offer guidance on which demographics to retarget and where to get the best return on investment.

Google My Business

If most of your business is from local customers, you need to be on the Google My Business map. Not only will we update your profile for the best organic results, but DTD can also run paid ads, so your business won’t be missed on the map.

Google Ads

Google has one of the most robust paid advertising tools with extensive details on keyword competition and cost. Understand all of it with our experts.

Google Search Ads: You’ll start with search ads in our SEM services strategy, which are the ads at the top of the Google search results page. You will see results quickly with options for testing and making changes along the way.

Google Display Ads: Find your target market wherever they’re using the internet, even other websites. Display ads are the banners built into website headers and sidebars. You’ll receive custom branded graphics for each of these dimensions, and we’ll give you the results to prove the ROI.

At DTD, we will become your partner in everything digital marketing, including search engine marketing, so you don’t miss out on the best clients

Keyword Research

We’ll tell you the number of searches per month, so you can target the exact terms your prospect searches.

Optimized Content

With keyword data and detailed buyer personas, we’ll develop an advertising plan to reach your ideal clients.

Ongoing Campaigns & Testing

As your marketing team, we’ll test each ad, analyze, and adjust to ensure we’re getting the best ROI.

SEM Services: Don’t Let Your Prospects Forget You

You need to bring in results quickly while your website is building authority and backlinks. The keyword research and analysis from the beginning of your digital marketing project guides our SEM services, so we’re always targeting the phrases that describe your company and your offerings.

Why you’ll love PPC campaigns with a DTD strategy:

  • Dominate your market: With keyword research and month-by-month strategy, your business will start to take over the competition, so your clients see you as the best in the business.
  • Cost savings: we won’t let you target an expensive keyword with low likelihood of success. You’ll see results the results quickly, so you won’t be paying for something that isn’t the best.
  • Follow your leads: When the right clients visit your website, they’ll be retargeted across other websites and platforms, so your business is always top of mind.