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Bright Ideas 84

DTD Monthly Vol. 2


Bright Ideas Medieval (Modern) Logos Now, this is a bright idea. Artist Ilya Stallone takes well-known corporate logos and recreates them into their would-be medieval versions. The Windows logo as...

Organic vs Paid marketing
Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEM, SEO

Organic vs Paid Marketing: Why You Should Invest In Both


It's no secret that businesses need to advertise. However, with the average small business spending close to $10,000 a month on advertising, many companies are looking for alternatives. That's one...

Modern Manufacturing Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing, Manufacturing Companies

A Modern Marketing Strategy For Manufacturers


Did you know that manufacturing is returning to America? According to the Washington Times, many manufacturing jobs are "reshoring" due to global supply chain issues. Manufacturing marketing...

10 Benefits Of Email Marketing For NJ Businesses In 2022
Email Marketing Tips

10 Benefits Of Email Marketing For NJ Businesses In 2022


Email has been around for a long time. It's normal to question whether email marketing is still effective in 2022. The answer is that one of the reasons email has endured is because it remains such...

Account Based Marketing for Manufacturers
Digital Marketing, Manufacturing Companies

Account-Based Marketing For Manufacturers: What You Need To Know


Creating an effective marketing plan can be challenging, especially with today's evolving digital landscape. The last thing you, as a manufacturer, want to do is pitch to several potential accounts...

Active SEO Maintenance – A Brief Guide

Active SEO Maintenance – A Brief Guide


Is your website getting the traffic it should? When creating content for your site, it's likely you spend a lot of time adding the right keywords to appear on the most searches. However, it's...