Digital Transformation With DTD – Part 2 – The Buyer’s Journey

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Hi everyone, I’m David Taylor, founder and CEO of DTD. Today, I’m going to take you on a journey—The Buyer’s Journey. And every customer in every industry goes on one – even in Manufacturing. A buyer’s journey are the steps a customer takes that lead them to your product or service. In other words: The Path to Purchase. You know that buyers don’t wake up and decide to buy on a whim. They go through a process long before they decide to purchase a product or service.

We can break that process down, that “buyer’s journey” into three stages: It starts with The Awareness Stage. This is the moment they realize they may have an issue or an opportunity. It continues during The Consideration Stage, where a consumer evaluates their options to solve their problem. And It ends at The Decision Stage, when they finally decide to purchase a solution. Hopefully, something YOU are offering.

So, when it comes to your business….by anticipating what your customer may experience along their individual journey… and by understanding what influencing factors can shape their thinking, we can better position your business along that path. You need to be the answer to the problem before the prospect may even know they have a problem to deal with. And in today’s world, no matter what consumers may need, most journeys begin with one word: Google. Whether we like it or not, we’re living in the Digital Age. And if you want to succeed—or even survive—your company needs to adapt to the way people gather information today.

Did you know that 70% of the buyer’s journey in manufacturing is done prior to talking to anyone at any company?! That is because the Internet has made it much easier for buyers to gather quality information on their own, meaning sellers, like you, have fewer and fewer opportunities to influence buyer’s decisions. Sure, some people are getting to you through Word Of Mouth. But these days, most of your prospective buyers are doing their own research. And it’s all done online without you even knowing it. Sometimes customers aren’t even aware they have a problem until they read an article or whitepaper online, and realize that they have an issue or an opportunity that needs support. Next thing you know they are googling terms and topics that lead them down a path. And, YOUR BUSINESS needs to be on that path, every step of the way. WIth a little effort You can be the solution to the problem before the prospect even knows they have a problem to deal with.

Is your company ready for digital transformation? And if you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There is more info and some other resources in the description below. And you can always learn more at

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