Digital Transformation With DTD – Part 3 – Digital First

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Hey there, I’m David Taylor, founder and CEO of DTD, back with another video to help you understand why putting a strategic focus on your digital ecosystem is so important. The main reason? Your prospective clients are all online doing their own research! The internet has made it soooo easy for buyers to gather quality information on their own. Which means sellers, like you, have fewer and fewer opportunities to influence their decisions.

I had mentioned in my last video that only 70% of the buyer’s journey in manufacturing is done prior to talking to anyone at any company! In fact, when customers are comparing multiple companies for a solution, they only spend about 5-6% of time speaking with a sales rep! This means 95% of their journey happens without you. Let me just make sure that is clear. When a person is searching for a solution to solve their problem, you are only part of just 5% of their entire journey. This is why it’s so critical to understand what’s going on in your prospect’s mind as they are looking for a solution. And it’s important to realize, Digital-first buyers will take their business to the companies that make it easiest for them to research and discover the solution on their own.

Makes sense when you think about it…. Baby Boomers are retiring…Gen X, Millennials, and even some GenZ are in decision-making positions now. Not only are they internet savvy, many are digital natives. And if consumer behavior during the pandemic is any indication, the spike in digital first research, learning and buying is not just a fad— this is definitely the new normal.

Is your company ready for digital transformation? If you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There is more info and some other resources in the description below. And you can always learn more at

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