Digital Transformation With DTD – Part 4 – The Digital Ecosystem

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Hey, David Taylor here, founder and CEO of DTD, back with another video to help you understand the digital landscape and learn how to build your online presence.

You know back in the day, sales reps were the key to a successful business. Sales reps used to get on calls or meet face-face with the customers to explain features and benefits of their products. But times have changed. As new generations of decision-makers come into the workforce, sales rep’s claims have been met with more and more skepticism. In fact, Millennials are 2x more likely to be skeptical of sales reps claims than baby boomers. I’ll give you one guess why. Yup. The internet.

The internet has given buyers the ability to dig deep into research, anonymously. So the power of buying has shifted from the sales reps to the customer. So the key is to influence their decisions while they’re doing their own research. That means meeting them where they are in each step of their buyer’s journey, as they pass through and around your digital ecosystem. What do I mean by a digital ecosystem? Simply put, it’s your company’s online presence. Anything online about your company, whether you control it or not… So in other words: Your company website. Social Channels. Email marketing, lead management software like Hubspot or Salesforce. Paid digital advertising, How-to videos, Google Search Results or SEO—search engine optimization. Then you’ve got your Yelp and Google reviews, White papers, ….the list goes on and on and is always evolving. And all these things are all part of your digital ecosystem. The goal is always to build customer confidence in your business, so you can be the solution to their problem.

It’s important to understand how, where, and what customers are learning as they navigate decisions on their individual journeys, as they move toward making a purchase. By identifying the obstacles, distractions, gaps in information, and challenges your customers face, you can plan your marketing tactics accordingly. Each stage of the buyer’s journey offers interesting opportunities to engage with your customers. Think about each stage—awareness, consideration, and decision— and what the consumer is doing, so you can come up with ways that put your company in the best light at every stage. Stay tuned for more videos to help you understand the stages of the buyer’s journey and how to build your digital ecosystem and meet your potential clients on their journey.

Is your company ready for digital transformation? And if you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There is more info and some other resources in the description below. And you can always learn more at

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