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Hi everybody, I’m David Taylor, founder and CEO of DTD–back with another video to help you understand the digital marketing landscape. We’ve been talking about the buyer’s journey. Today we’re going to break down the stages and take a close look at the best tactics for each phase.

What is the buyer doing during the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage? In the awareness stage the buyer is experiencing a problem or symptoms of a pain, and their goal is to alleviate that pain. They may be looking for informational resources to more clearly understand, frame, and give a name to their issue. So, how can you reach them at this stage to bring awareness to your business? At this step, consider investing time into general content marketing. This is a great time for social media campaigns, email outreach, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and brand awareness campaigns to get your brand out there. All of these initiatives can bring attention to your business, and if done properly will position you as an expert in your field.

Let’s jump to the consideration stage. What is the buyer doing at the consideration stage? Well, in the consideration stage, the buyer will have clearly defined their issue and given a name to their problem. They are committed to researching and understanding the options or methods to help with their problem or opportunity. So how will your company meet them at the consideration stage? At this point, the prospect is collecting as much information about your offerings and solutions, as well as all your competitor’s offerings, so they can decide who they should engage with. A Google Search Engine Optimization Campaign (SEO) and Google Pay Per Click campaign (PPC) that positions your website on page one of Google for hundreds of search terms is critically important — this means when someone searches for terms related to your industry, you are being found at Google, and customers are considering your solutions thanks to this exposure. Sharing product comparisons, white papers & thought leadership articles with solutions to customer’s problems is also helpful. Really showing potential customers that you’re an expert in the field is the way to go. Testimonials and reviews go a long way, too – they’re like digital word-of-mouth recommendations. These are all tactics that will position your business as a leader and a candidate to solve their problem. And finally, we come to the decision stage.

What is the buyer doing during the decision stage? The buyer has decided on their solution strategy and approach. Now their goal is to narrow down their list of vendors and ultimately make a final purchase decision. So, what’s in your digital ecosystem that can really hit the message home? Remember, this is your last chance to convince them your product is what they need. This is where Case Studies that show off your product’s impact could set you apart. Targeting hard-hitting Google ads against your competitor to people who have visited your website will boost the chances of getting more visibility. Customer discounts, free consultations and free trials are great enticements to bring customers into the fold. Anything that will make the prospect feel comfortable working with you. And of course, a digital strategy for lead nurturing is important at this stage. (I’ll share more on lead nurturing in my next video). Be sure and provide helpful emails, good customer service, and regular newsletters so that people don’t feel abandoned, and so you stay top of mind. This will lead to more website traffic, which will lead to more clients and customers.

Is your company ready for digital transformation? Stay tuned for more videos to help you understand how to build your digital ecosystem and meet your potential clients on their journey. And if you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There is more info and some other resources in the description below. And you can always learn more at

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