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Squarespace vs Wordpress SEO

Squarespace Vs. WordPress – Which Is Best For SEO In 2020?


Congratulations on narrowing your choice down to Squarespace and Wordpress, the two big players when it comes to DIY websites for businesses. You've likely heard great things about both brands, so it...

Organic vs Paid marketing

Trust me, Don’t Stop Marketing


We stumbled upon this article at Forbes and found it absolutely relevant not only to our company, but to all of your businesses as well. Here is a highlight: advertising is usually the first area...

Bright Ideas #1

Bright Ideas While You’re Stuck Inside


COVID-19 has got the majority of us stuck inside which has brought its share of difficulties. Whether it be with work, with family, or with your own sanity, life from the inside will require some...

SEO In Livingston NJ For Small & Medium Businesses

SEO In Livingston NJ For Small & Medium Businesses


With the right content and marketing strategies, even the smallest companies can readily compete. SEO for Livingston, NJ small and medium-sized businesses is accessible and budget-friendly, ensuring...


COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


David Taylor Digital will continue to work and provide the very best service possible throughout this challenging period. We plan to stay up and running under the worst of circumstances, though we...

Online Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Online Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing – What’s The Difference?


No matter the size of your marketing budget, every dollar needs to work as hard as it can to bring you results. Knowing where to target your marketing money, and which strategies to use, keeps your...