Digital Transformation With DTD – Part 7 – ROI

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Hey everybody, David Taylor here, founder and CEO of DTD– We’ve been learning about building out our digital ecosystems and meeting the consumer at every step of their buyer’s journey. But let’s say you’ve already built your digital ecosystem, how do you know you’re actually reaching your audience? How do you know your digital marketing is successful?

Well, since all this work is digital, it’s all trackable, and you are able to see where the customers started and flowed through their journey, to where they ended and were converted to a sale. That is really terrific information so you know what is working and not working in your overall marketing strategy. For instance, you can track a person who came from a Google PPC ad, went to your company website, downloaded a white paper, left for a month, then came back and made a phone call to you. Yes, the whole conversion process is trackable, even though it goes from one platform to another. All the work you do with digital marketing should be measurable and show proven ROI.

One place to start is to make sure to review your analytics monthly so you can begin to recognize trends. A critical point to understand is, you must learn and adjust each month. What worked last month? What didn’t work? How can you adjust your strategy to do better? Digital marketing is a process. I like to think about it like this: Strategize, Execute, Learn, Report, Adjust….and of course, REPEAT, and repeat again, and again.

Is your company ready for digital transformation? Stay tuned for more videos to help you understand how to build your digital ecosystem and meet your potential clients on their journey. And if you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There is more info and some other resources in the description below. And you can always learn more at

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